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[blog crew] Coffee & Tea

Don't know what a blog crew is? Read this!

o1.) One claim per user; five users per claim (Friends List and myself are excluded from the count, and have '♥♥♥' next to their username). Hetalia only, for now. First come, first served --but only if you follow the rules.
o2.) Check and see who's claimed what before making a claim of your own. (Remember to also check the comments! Ctrl + F is your friend!) Crossed-out characters are all filled up.
o3.) Put something about how you take your coffee or tea in your subject line to show you read the rules.
o4.) Wait for me to approve your claim before putting the code up anywhere.
o5.) Upload your sprite to your own server.
o6.) Feel free to go nuts with the code, you guys, but keep it so it links back here. (I replaced 'tea' with 'chocolate caliente' for my claim.)
o7.) Please actually put the code up somewhere so you're not just taking up space on the list.
o8.) Coffee goes in the tall fancy-looking pot, while tea is in the little round one. You can use whichever you like, but just thought I'd mention this since I'm a stupid American who drinks neither and thought it was the other way around. xD /had to change the coding and file names.
o9.) I'll be adding the characters to the list as you request them, so feel free to claim someone who's not already here. (This lack of Prussia is scaring me, guys.)

America (Alfred F. Jones) - jessa_bellee / madchad92 / singing_monk / retroviral / slytherin_slash
Australia - didgeridoodle / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
Austria (Roderich Edelstein) - reaperangelique ♥♥♥ / blue_cage / your_loveyou / tamerofdarkness / fandomislove / setosnicegirl
Canada (Matthew Williams) - fuwarin / kinnocence / xsaki_uchiha / o4 / o5
China (Wang Yao) - mitsukirox101 / juwelzz / kecen / chocolateclaws / o5
England (Arthur Kirkland) - insanityin3d / lumos / amael_elen / karuri_who / scarletchou
France (Francis Bonnefoy) - neonights / rocketsciences / o3 / o4 / o5
Germany (Ludwig) - frost_rain ♥♥♥ / mykonos2 ♥♥♥ / paperteuk / baranohitsugi / aliisa_ahonen / twelveofspades / vegansushi
Hong Kong - trishpawachunyu / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
Iceland - thewonderlast / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
North Italy (Feliciano Vargas) - jasper_child ♥♥♥ / o1 / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
South Italy (Lovino Vargas) - kobalto / arexftw / loliniii / phantasiagirl / xserendipitia
Japan (Honda Kiku) - miyako_tsuki ♥♥♥ / gohstar / nasty_show / mizu_kanon / iamelegentmess / o5
Korea (Im Yong Soo) - hoshi_myuu / chironomia / o3 / o4 / o5
New Zealand - unbornhope / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
Norway - shyrofox / decaydreams / o3 / o4 / o5
Russia (Ivan Braginski) - kittychannya / dizzett / ayaya299 / darkmachan / nagirinara
Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt) - waterlemon_chi / keay / o3 / o4 / o5
Seychelles - quiirky / o2 / o3 / o4 / o5
Spain (Antonio Fernández Carriedo) - nice_banana ♥♥♥ / lthemilkeater ♥♥♥ / kiokushitakaa ♥♥♥ / sdeegan / osaka01 / chewy_rouyale / calavasas / sybarisofcirfis

To upload to your own server, please.
// //

HOW TO DO IT RITE (in case you're not doin it rite)
o1.) Copy and paste this exactly as it is, unless you're good with Livejournal's special brand of HTML. (If you're putting the code up in a journal entry, make sure you're entering the text via HTML and not Rich Text, and with the Disable Auto-Formatting box un-checked.)
o2.) Change the words "claimhere" to the name of the character you claimed.
o3.) Upload your sprite to your own server.
o4.) Paste your sprite's URL into the quotes surrounding UPLOAD TO YOUR OWN SERVER PLZ.
o5.) ????
o6.) PROFIT!!!

It's...too hot here to be thinking about hot drinks. /dies
I'm thinking my next blog crew might have something to do with either picnics or getting hammered. Which one would you like to see (first)?

FYI, I read somewhere that if, in Japan, a man asks a woman to make his tea/lunch/etc. every day, he's asking her to marry him. So cute, Kiku-san.

The porcelain teapot and coffee pot sprites are from pixelpeach, and the Japanese-style teapot is from Hot Apple Pie.
Feel free to Watch whitepoppies for better claiming priveleges!!
I've also got OTHER BLOGCREWS that are still open, btw.
Tags: !open, *blog crew, animanga: axis powers ヘタリア

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